Friday, April 18, 2008

Clinton, Obama, and Edwards on Colbert Report

If you didn't see the Colbert Report Thursday, watch the video clips below. The two Democratic candidates left in the primary and the candidate who could have been appeared and did their respective comedic interactions with Stephen Colbert. Am I the only one who thought that the best performance came from the one who isn't in the race anymore? I may be just a skosh biased (I still wish that Edwards was our nominee...I can't help but believe that the Democrats wouldn't be nearly as worried about the general election if he were), but I thought that Edwards was significantly funnier than either Clinton or Obama. I know, I know...they have writers for each of the performances, but Edwards delivered his lines better. He had a more animated demeanor, and was more entertaining than the other two for me. I mean, he didn't even need to interact with Colbert to be funny. He got to do the whole segment by himself, and he nailed it! The other two were good, and they made their points resonate with each's campaign theme, but I was left wishing that Edwards was our candidate... Oh well, either way all three of the cameos were funny and made one of the better episodes in a while.


kristen said...

I thought Edwards was fantastic.

bethany said...

I agree, Edwards rocked that episode. I think part of it was because he didn't have to stay on message as much - he had fewer rhetorical needs, and could just have fun instead. And he just delivered really well.

Blake said...

Yeah that's probably true. It makes me think of how Gore was suddenly much cooler and less uptight after he "lost" in 2000.