Monday, June 05, 2006

ways to actually protect marriage

From Left in the West
If you want to do something that actually helps marriages, then
1. Raise the public’s consciousnesas of the dignity and importance of women in our still deeply patriarchal society.
2. Provide every couple with a guarantee of health insurance that spares them the relational strains inflicted by devastating illness and an inability to pay for medical care.
3. Increase the minimum wage and offer tax breaks to the working poor so that spouses can see each other for more quality length of time, rather than briefly passing eachother on their way to two jobs.
4. Cover mental healthcare in medical insurance policies so that serious emotional difficulties can be prevented from tearing marriages apart.
5. Encourage family planning.
6. Set aside resources for dealing with domestic abuse. Well, at least, that’s a start.

Friday, June 02, 2006

A must read

Ever since Election Night '04 I've felt that something was amiss with the result, and now my hunch has been supported by factual evidence provided by people who actually did the research. The exit polls have stuck out in my mind, but it's good to see someone talk to statisticians who verified that they could not have been as far off as they were without manipulation. RFK provides a very well documented, compelling case for the argument that Kerry should be President of the USA right now. It's kinda depressing to read, but then mostly everything else is too, right?

Was the '04 Election stolen also?