Friday, April 02, 2010

My favorite album of the 2000s

I've been meaning to post my list of top albums of the 00s for a while now, but writing the dissertation got in the way. I'll just list my favorite album of the decade because for me it's a clear decision. Below that, it would take too much time and energy. Plus it's a bit late for that sort of thing right now anyways. So, here it absolute favorite album of the 2000s.

Arcade Fire - Funeral

I could write for a while on this album, but the simple fact of the matter is that this record, for me, is a total masterpiece. Every song, every note, everything works together so well. It's well written, well executed, and it always manages to conjure in me a wealth of emotions with every listen. The sheer depth of this record is unmatched by 99% of other albums that I have heard.

Also, I may have mentioned this before, but if Arcade Fire comes near your town, go see them. There is nothing like hearing their already impressive songs played live.